Transformed by the Spirit (Part 4)

Our denomination, the American Baptists, have initiated a time of discovery and learning through an initiative called “Transformed by the Spirit.”  In this initiative, they are seeking to help local ABC churches understand how to most effectively minister in the new cultural reality the church finds its self in. Lakeview Baptist Church is participating in the discussion.

For more background on Transformed by the Spirit and our church’s participation in it,  check out Transformed by The Spirit (Part 1).

To learn what members at Lakeview Baptist Church named as their “Adaptive Challenges,” check out Transformed by The Spirit (Part 2).

To discover the 8 broad issues identified as adaptive challenges by churches in the state of Michigan. Check out “Transformed by the Spirit (Part 3).

After the 8 broad issues were compiled, Pastors and church leaders then were asked to vote on the top two issues their churches faced. Here are the top two Adaptive Challenges perceived:

1. Outreach and Missional Evangelism
2. Discipleship/Spiritual Formation

These two Adaptive challenges will be studied in depth by two “soon to be formed” “Adaptive Challenge Teams” (ACT’s) for a three-month study beginning in mid-February and going until April. The task of the ACT is to further define and clarify their assigned adaptive challenge. After this, the formation of “Adaptive Learning Teams (ALT’s) will work toward discovering resources and the networking of ideas and resources toward practically approaching these Adaptive Ministry Challenges.

For a comprehensive description of each of the Adaptive Challenges, including verbage used by churches to describe the challenges, check out the Adaptive Challenge Survey Results put out by Scott Arnold and Michael Williams of ABC-Michigan.

Stay tuned for future “Transformed by the Spirit” posts keeping you up to date on this denominational initiative and how our churches is using the results to make an impact in our community.

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