40 Days in the Word

So excited for our fall message series, 40 Days in the Word.  Consistently reading the scriptures is one of the most important things you can do do grow in your faith.  When I decided to read the bible cover to cover, it took me 3 years, but it was worth it.  If you’ve ever struggled to consistently read the Bible or were frustrated that you couldn’t understand what you were reading, then this series is for you.

Message lineup:

Week 1: “Can I trust the Bible?”
Week 2: “How does the Bible Change us?”
Week 3: “How do I see what God wants me to see in the scripture?”
Week 4: “How to study a Bible passage”
Week 5: “How do I understand the meaning of a text.”
Week 6: “How do I Integrate God’s word into my life.”

If you take the principles we’ll learn in this series and apply them to consistent scripture reading, it will change your life. Really.

To supplement this 40 days experience, get in a Group!  They’ll meet throughout the week at various locations for the duration of the series (6 weeks).  Get in a group to further learn how to study God’s word and apply it to your life.   Group opportunities will be posted soon around the church and here….

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  1. Shanae says:

    I am so glad I’ve decided to start attending this congregation for the first time. What a great series to start off with. God is sovereign and gracious!

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