40 Days in the Word

This Sunday we’re wrapping up our 40 Days in the Word series.  We’ll be talking about the importance of a Bible Reading Plan vs. the random, open up your bible and read where it falls plan.  There are tons of reading plans available…. google them or here are a few you may enjoy.  Personally, the plan I like the most is the 1 chapter a day plan.  You start with an OT book and then you move to a NT book and keep rotating.  This keeps things fresh!  Also: don’t freak out in Leviticus.  Just press on.

To learn more about he different types of reading plans, go here, or here.

Official 40 Days in the word reading plan (NT only) (click link)

Another good one. (A 3 Year plan)

I do not recommend a 90 day plan.  Even 1 year plans might be tough.  It’s just too much all at once. The point is not to read through the Bible as quickly as you can, but to let God speak to you.  Go at a pace that is sustainable!

Go ahead and search around the internet for one that fits you.  Look in your own bible– it may already provide one!

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