Money Matters

According to the stats, 72% of people report being financially stressed each month.  69% of people have less than $1,000 in savings.  The Average US household, if they have credit card debt, carry a balance of over $16,000 on their card(s).  A very small percentage have saved for retirement.  Student loan debt is out of control.   No wonder why so many people are financially stressed! Fortunately, the scriptures are filled with wisdom regarding our finances.  In fact, Jesus talked more about money, possessions and material things more than Faith, Prayer, Heaven, or Hell!  In this series, we’ll explore Jesus’ teachings on “money matters” and look at other biblical wisdom God has laid out for us in his word regarding our finances!

Money Matters- Barriers to Living out God’s Financial Plan. 3.18.18

Money Matters-The Ownership Principle. 3.11.18

Money Matters-10 10 80. 3.4.18

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Going for the Gold

The Winter Olympic are upon us!  Millions of people from around the world will watch incredible athletes compete in dozens of different events. Many of these athletes have trained for years, sacrificed much, and will give in their all as they compete for gold, silver and bronze.   In 1 Corinthians 9, the Apostle Paul sees a parallel between the way 1st century Olympians would train and how believers in Jesus should live their lives for Christ: with dedication, determination, and perseverance.  In this series called “Going for Gold, we’ll explore these characteristics, realizing that we “compete” for a “crown” (and a purpose) that is eternal.

Going for Gold-Training. 2.25.18

Going for Gold-Teamwork. 2.18.18

Going for Gold-Going for Gold. 2.11.18

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At the turn of the new year, people seem to crave change.  Promises and resolutions are made.  How can this year be better than that last, many people might think.  As we begin 2018, join us as we’ll be going through a series called “Reset.” Just like you sometimes have to reset your phone or computer when it’s not working properly or it gets stuck, you can reset your life to get it running the way God originally intended.  We can be fulfilled. We can be reset. We can be changed, because Jesus changes everything.  Join us beginning January 14.

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Reset-Reset my Hands. 2.4.18

Reset-Reset my Voice. 1.28.18

Reset-Reset my Mind. 1.21.18

Reset-Reset my Heart. 1.14.18


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Christmas is a time for many things.  Family, friends, familiar carols, fires in the fireplace, presents wrapped under the tree, etc.  But Christmas is far more glorious than even these great things!  Join us for our new series called “Christmastime” as we look at all the ways Christmas is a special time for Celebration, a time of expectation, a time to Remember, a time for Salvation and a time for Reconciliation.


Christmas is a time for Reconciliation. 12.31.17 (No recording)

Christmas is a time for Salvation. 12.24.17 (Evening) (No recording)

Christmas is a time to Remember.  12.24.17 (Morning) (No recording)

Christmas is a time of Expectation. 12.17.17 (No recording)

Christmas is a time for Salvation. 12.10.17




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gods At War (Cont)

There are gods at war within each of us.  They battle for the throne of our hearts and much is at stake.  This is why idolatry is the most discussed problem in the entire Bible.  Behind every sin struggle that you and I have is a false god that is winning the war in our lives.  Don’t give into the myth that gods are only statues that people of other cultures or long ago worshiped.  Pleasure, romance, sex, money and power are just of the few gods that vie for our allegiance in today’s culture.  Over the next few weeks, we’ll explore these different gods at war and help you gain victory as the Lord takes his rightful place on the throne of our hearts.

gods at War-The god of me. 12.3.17

gods at War-The god of love.  11.26.2017 (no recording)

gods at War-The god of success.  11.19.2017 (no recording)


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