3/3/10: Viral-Viral Hearts  (Message Not Recorded)


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Stand Alone Messages (not part of any series)

2/17/18: Habits For Spiritual Growth [Message not recorded]

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David: Pursuing the Heart of God

David is one of the most  popular and fascinating characters in all of the Bible.  He was a shepherd, giant slayer, warrior, musician, poet, “undignified worshiper,” and king of Israel during it’s “golden age.”  But David was also deeply flawed:  He was an adulterer, a murderer, and liar.  Despite his flaws,  God says that David was a “man after my own heart.”  In this series, we’ll look at what it means to be, like David, a man (or woman) who earnestly pursues the heart of God.

David-“Undignified” Worship (Message not recorded due to technical error)

11/29/18: The Person God Chooses  (No Recording to do technical error)


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In 586 BC, the mighty King of Babylon, Nebuchadnezzar, flexed his muscle over Jerusalem and the people of God.  The city walls were torn down, homes destroyed, its inhabitants exiled to Babylon, and Jerusalem’s temple, above all, was flattened.  Years later, God’s people were allowed to return to rebuild their holy city and it’s temple.  But not much time passed before they became self-obsessed, focusing on their own lives and their own affairs, virtually ignoring the Lord.  The prophet Haggai was sent to wake up God’s people from their spiritual slumber, encourage them to rebuild the temple, and to repent of their sin.  Join us in this series as as we hear the ancient words of God through Haggai, encouraging us to keep God’s priorities our priorities, to repent of our sin, and to always serve him with all of our hearts.


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Stand Alone Message (Not part of any series)

10/21/18: Alex Pickens, Chaplain, Lansing Police and Fire Department

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