Tenebrae-A Service of Shadows

This Good Friday at 7:30pm, immerse yourself in the the last hours of Jesus’ life.   In this “service of shadows,”  the lights will be low with candles lit throughout the sanctuary.  As we read the story of Jesus’ last hours-his prayer in the garden, Peter’s denial, his trial, his Crucifixion- candles are extinguished.   The further the story moves towards Jesus’ death, the darker the sanctuary becomes until we are left sitting in complete darkness as Jesus “gave up his spirit.”   This Tenebrae service is designed to recreate the impact Jesus’ death had on his original followers who did not know what we know today—Jesus would rise!  Joy and celebration will come for the disciples on resurrection morning, as it will for us, but for now we remember the deep price Jesus paid for the cleansing of our sin.

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Money Matters

According to the stats, 72% of people report being financially stressed each month.  69% of people have less than $1,000 in savings.  The Average US household, if they have credit card debt, carry a balance of over $16,000 on their card(s).  A very small percentage have saved for retirement.  Student loan debt is out of control.   No wonder why so many people are financially stressed! Fortunately, the scriptures are filled with wisdom regarding our finances.  In fact, Jesus talked more about money, possessions and material things more than Faith, Prayer, Heaven, or Hell!  In this series, we’ll explore Jesus’ teachings on “money matters” and look at other biblical wisdom God has laid out for us in his word regarding our finances!

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We’ve moved!

Over the past few months, through God’s guidance, we have sold our historic building (7 South 20th Street) and purchased a new one.   Please join us at 601 Riverside Drive, Battle Creek, MI!


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Boys and girls in middle school grades are invited to join the fun during FROGs, held Wednesday Evenings at 6:30pm. FROGs stands for kids who Faithfully Rely On God, something we help each other do through bible studies, games, and lots of fun and friendly fellowship. Email info@mylakeviewbaptist.com for more info. 

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Kids Church

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Kids Church- An exciting hour of music, interactive lessons and games that help kids learn about God, grow in their faith, and have fun doing it!  Each Sunday (at the same time as the worship service), for children 4 years old through 5th grade.

(We also have a fully staffed nursery for children ages 0-3 years old during our worship service)

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