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What is your worship service like?
There are many different parts of the worship service, but they all focus on honoring God for being, well, God!


Our Music:
Our music can best be described as “blended.” Sometimes we sing “hymns.” Other times our worship features a more modern sound featuring guitar or keyboard, drums and other instruments.


Our Preaching:
Pastor Adam uses a variety of approaches. Sometimes messages will be based on a topic, with scripture to support key principles behind the topic, other times, Adam will teach the congregation principles found in just a few scripture verses. It’s informal and often sounds more like a conversation than anything.


What do most people wear to Lakeview Baptist?
Some wear suits and ties, others wear jeans and a tee shirt, some sport khakis and polos. Wear whatever makes you comfortable!


How long does the worship service last?
The service lasts approximately one hour and fifteen minutes.


Will I be embarrassed and be pointed out if I’m a visitor?
No! We have no desire to embarrass you. We won’t make a special announcement and we won’t make you wear a name tag. We know some of you value anonymity and we certainly understand that! You may get a few handshakes and some good conversations, though, as you come in and out of the worship center. We love having guests, and to show our appreciation.


What happens after the worship experience?
Coffee. Refreshments. Most of us like to stick around after the worship experience is over and chat. So stay for 30 seconds or 30 minutes… it’s up to you!


Do you have anything for my children on Sunday morning?
Yes! We offer “Kids Church,” an age appropriate hour of singing, interactive lessons, and games in order to introduce children to God and deepen their faith in him. It is offered at the same time as the adult worship service. Kids Church is for all children from Pre-K through 5th grade.


What about a Nursery?
We’ve got a great nursery stocked with great toys, soft pillows, lots of diapers, and caring adults! The nursery is available for children 3 and under during our worship service.